Revenue growth and customer retention for telcos and utilities

Offer precisely the products and contracts that your customers are interested in and need at the moment

For Telcos and Utilities

Many companies in the telecommunications and utilities sector are reaching their limits in their core business. Customer loyalty, up-selling and cross-selling are therefore important tools to still significantly increase sales. We can help with this efficiently, automatically recognizing the next contract changeover dates, upcoming life events, specific future purchase intentions and much more. And we signal this in time so that you always have the “first serve”.

Because telcos and utilities don’t usually have their customers’ financial data, we bring out-of-the-box white-label applications that take care of financial data access. And for many of our analytics, financial data access is not even necessary.

Vertragsverlängerung und Vertragswechsel bestimmen mit Finanzmining

Contract renewal and change

Our real-time analytics calculate all customers’ contracts and financial obligations and show when it is possible to switch contracts. This helps to increase the product ratio and boost customer loyalty.

Up- and Cross-Selling

We analyze all of your customers’ expenses and financial obligations in real time and make them available along with all the details.

Internally, we work with 50,000 categories so that we can determine a microscopic picture of your customers and enable correspondingly detailed targeting. This allows you to target your customers precisely when they are interested in and need specific products,

Up-Selling und Cross-Selling mit Finanzmining
Finanzpiloten und Cockpits mit Finanzmining

Finance pilots and cockpits

Many customers want to save. Telecommunications companies and utilities are trusted partners for corresponding financial pilots, savings helpers, bill navigators and other applications that make customers’ financial lives easier and reduce costs.

We offer white-label applications and components for such deployment scenarios that are available out-of-the-box. If you prefer to integrate the functions behind them into your own application, this is also possible with our comprehensive API.