Analytics as a service

Analytics-as-a-Service: Fast results without IT effort

Analyze your customer base at the exact moment of your need


Analytics-as-a-Service offers the possibility to use our real-time analytics of financial data to analyze your complete data set. However, Analytics-as-a-Service can also be considered if you do not want to use our API, for example due to limited IT capacity. You will still have access to the full functionality of our analytics and receive the results, signals, recommendations and breakdowns via data cockpits provided by us or in the form of extracts and reports.

Providing the data

We support numerous ways for you to provide the data that we then analyze.

These include file transfer, collection of the data from you or storage with us by you, use of our cockpits and much more.

Bereitstellung der Daten​ mit Finanzmining
Analytics-Berechnungen​ mit Finanzmining

Analytics calculations

With Analytics-as-a-Service, you basically have access to all functions that are also available via API. You can find a comprehensive overview in the product area in the section “Real-time API-analytics”.

We also provide you with additional individual analytics. These are, for example, analyses for which we configure models from the field of machine learning for you.

Retrieval of Analytics results

We provide all analysis results, signals, recommendations and listings to you via data cockpits or via data transfer to you. We also support numerous methods for technically collecting the data from us or filing the results with you.

Abruf der Analytics-Ergebnisse​ mit Finanzmining

Some Highlights

Analytics at the exact moment of your need

Wide range of data delivery options

Extensive options for retrieving the results

Perfect for analyzing your customer base

Useful to have no IT effort