Financial radar for businesses

Financial radar for the analysis of companies

Identify financial fitness, financial optimization, early warning indicators and sales signals.

Financial radar for real-time analysis of companies

The financial radar is the perfect analytics solution for house banks who want to evaluate the financial fitness of their customers and who want to foresee the future development of the company in order to react early and provide tailored advice. The financial radar can also be used by companies themselves to obtain a comprehensive financial overview and early action signals.

We determine complete financial profiles on the status quo in real time. This includes financial series – for example, liquidity analyses, cash flow statements, P&Ls and BWAs – as well as comprehensive early warning signals and recommendations for financial optimization. This makes our solution an indispensable companion for the house bank or the company.

Detailed financial profile on the status quo

Detailliertes Finanzprofil zum Status Quo

Financial foresight and financial fitness

Frühindikatoren und Finanzoptimierung

Frühindikatoren und Finanzoptimierung mit Finanzmining

Some Highlights

Ideal for house banks and companies

The company and its future at a glance

Detailed financial profile on the status quo

Financial foresight and financial fitness

Early indicators and financial optimization

Avoidance of technical "financial speak"