Efficient risk management

Automate risk processes
and manage risks better

Identify risks immediately and manage them better through real-time analytics of financial data

Efficient risk management

On the one hand, this includes the (automated) avoidance of risks through more detailed data on customers and activities. On the other hand, it includes possible more precise risk management. More factors can then be taken into account than would normally be the case, allowing a finer identification of the risk.

Better risk management in the lending business

Credit business can be considerably more profitable if hidden bad risks are identified from the outset or, conversely, unnecessary rejections are avoided if the risk can be managed.

In this context, we provide diverse and detailed positive and negative characteristics, enable immediate verification of customer details, evaluate revenue sources, group expenses according to their importance and urgency, and thus calculate the exact affordability of your customers. We also calculate how the customer’s finances will develop with or without the loan.

All analytics are determined in real time. This allows you to make a quick credit decision based on a much more accurate picture than with traditional data and data points.

Bessere Risikosteuerung im Kreditgeschäft​ mit Finanzmining
Geldwäscheprävention (AML) mit Finanzmining

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

 We recognize a variety of anomalies in bank accounts that may indicate misuse such as money laundering. These include repeated payments to and from the same party for which there is an apparent intent to undermine a threshold that would otherwise have been reached. Similarly, we recognize payments for which there is no meaningful economic reason.

Some Highlights

Detailed structure or expansion of your Score Card

Extensive positive and negative features

Accurate assessment of the affordability of your customers

Foresight of customer finances with and without credit

Identification of suspicious counterparties

Detection of the concealment of threshold violations

Identification of payments without a recognizable economic reason