Digitize processes and improve risk management

Automated and more accurate credit decisions, secure customer identification and more.

Automated financial processes

For fast decisions as well as cost-effective processes, it is essential to automate financial processes. Furthermore, risks can be managed and minimized much more precisely when using the full information variety revealed by our real-time analytics of financial data.

Automated credit decision

A fast credit decision is an indispensable market feature these days. All the better if comprehensive features are also available for the score card, enabling a detailed assessment of the customer.

To this end, we provide extensive and detailed positive and negative features, enable immediate verification of customer details, evaluate sources of income, group expenses according to their importance and urgency, and thus calculate the exact affordability of your customers. We also calculate how the customer’s finances will develop with or without the loan.

Automatisierte Kreditentscheidung mit Finanzmining
Automatische und sichere Kundenidentifikation mit Finanzmining

Secure customer identification

We offer you fast and secure online customer identification without media breaks. In the process, we also verify the information that your customer has already provided. This enables you to fulfill KYC obligations.

At the same time, you can gain an information edge and move into your other use cases because we can perform a 360-degree customer analysis in the same step.

Some Highlights

Secure customer identification and verification

Immediate verification of customer information

Detailed structure or expansion of your Score Card

Extensive positive and negative features

Accurate assessment of the affordability of your customers

Foresight of customer finances with and without credit