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Automated order fee reimbursement independent of broker or bank and other customer incentives

Effectively retain customers through cashback trading

We enable you to achieve better customer retention, higher attention in the market and noticeable differentiation through the reimbursement of order fees. The process is largely automated and meets all your compliance requirements.

You can integrate our solution into your banking or brokerage application. Or your customers can use our multi-client white-label application that runs in your look-and-feel.

Order fee refund regardless of broker

We enable convenient and accurate tracking of relevant financial activities – especially securities trades – for the customer through an account view and determine the type and amount of a refund.

In addition, we can help when detailed data is not included in the booking data, for example, the trading venue of a trade. And we support trades at banks and brokers that do not allow direct account linkage.

Volle Konfigurierbarkeit und jederzeitige Kontrolle mit Finanzmining

Full configurability and control at any time

All refunds are configurable in detail with a variety of markers and criteria.

There is also an approval and settlement process that allows verification of trades in your trading system and automatically detects irregularities. This allows your compliance guidelines to be comprehensively covered at all times.

Some Highlights

Order fee refund regardless of broker

High degree of automation for efficient processing

Full configurability of type and amount of reimbursement

Integrated verification and approval process

Covering your compliance requirements

Immediately usable when using our white label application