Broker and issuers

Efficient customer retention for brokers and issuers

Reach your customers better. Refund order fees fully automatically and take advantage of other incentives

For brokers and issuers

One of the most important issues for issuers and brokers is how to retain traders. For issuers, the question is even more critical than for brokers, because they do not have direct access to customers at all.

We solve this problem and enable you to incentivize customers depending on their financial behavior. To do this, for example, we distribute cashbacks and use them to reimburse order fees. In addition, we support extensive other customer retention opportunities based on 360-degree customer analytics.

Cashback Trading mit FinanzMining

Cashback Trading

Cashback Trading enables the automated refund of order fees. It does not matter which broker the trader is with.

The cashbacks are freely configurable by the partner. They are determined automatically and go through an approval and settlement process that fits the compliance guidelines of the partner institution. And the distribution is also automated.

White label applications

If you do not want to integrate our cashback trading features into your own application, we provide you with white label applications that can be used by your traders immediately.

These include web applications, but also mobile apps that are state of the art and configurable as well as extensible.

For example, the certificates division of HypoVereinsbank – HVB onemarkets – trusts in our solution and successfully uses our white label application and cashback technology under the slogan “HVB Cashback Trading”.

White-Label-Anwendungen für Cashback Trading mit Finanzmining