Rapid added value through automated enrichment of financial data

Focus on your core business. We take care of financial data enrichment and analytics

For Fintechs

Concentrate on your core business. We take over the automated enrichment of financial data via API as well as diverse value-added analytics. Compared to in-house development, we are much more accurate and detailed. And you save a significant amount of effort and costs.

We understand how fintechs work because we are one ourselves. Modern technologies and infrastructures, a highly available REST AP, immediate test deployments and unlocks for pilots are just some of the features that make us attractive.

360 Grad Kundenanalyse​ mit Finanzmining

360-degree customer analysis

We enrich your customer data in a variety of ways. Our categorization serves as a basis – the most detailed in the market with 500 coarse and 50,000 fine categories. We automatically identify customer commitments, including contracts and all their details. And we identify all revenue sources and types, including extensive evaluations.

This is the ideal starting point for tailored user journeys and for raising up- and cross-selling potential.

Business Finance Mining

For your business customers, we provide real-time key financial indicators, business behavior characteristics and peer group analysis.

We also calculate a detailed and booking-accurate forecast of future liquidity and provide cash flow statements, BWAs, revenue surplus statements and other financial analytics.

This means you know immediately and automatically where your business customers stand, which optimization potentials are possible and which concrete up- and cross-selling opportunities are available.


Retail Finance Mining

Our spending categorization as well as the automatic recognition of spending behavior and all financial obligations allow for precise targeting for up- and cross-selling in the consumer area, for contract changes as well as for customer retention.

In addition, we determine a detailed picture of all revenue sources and types, financial affordability and future financial situation.

This makes us the perfect partner for fintechs in the areas of personal finance management, wealth planning, hedging and retirement planning, trading as well as payment and cash management solutions.