Digital processes, financial radar and early identification of potentials

Our real-time analytics enable you to run cost-effective, digital operations and quickly increase your bottom line

Finance mining for banks

Unlock the full potential of your customers’ financial data with real-time analytics and process automation capabilities. Easily realize use cases such as 360-degree analytics, customer KYC, automated credit decisions, financial asset suitability checks, or money laundering and fraud prevention. With our real-time analytics, you have the best prerequisites for quickly digitizing and increasing the efficiency of your processes.

Likewise, you can achieve a rapid increase in revenue with our analytics functions. To this end, we identify coverage gaps, financial optimizations, and concrete up-selling and cross-selling signals for financial products and also for services outside the financial sector. And we provide a future view of your customers. This includes a book-by-book forecast of revenues and expenses, liquidity development, future BWAs, revenue surplus statements and other financial presentations. Finally, we forecast critical events. Examples are life events (“Life Moments”) of consumers as well as liquidity bottlenecks and leading indicators of companies in transition.

360 Grad Kundenanalyse​ mit Finanzmining

360-degree customer analyses

We determine a complete and detailed financial picture of your customers or leads within seconds. Digitize identity verification, make automated credit decisions, perform automated investment suitability checks, and digitally verify onboarding criteria.

It all works for retail customers as well as business and corporate customers. For enterprises, even automated detection of typical financial due diligence indicators and identification of business anomalies are possible.

Financial radar for businesses

The financial radar is the perfect financial cockpit for house banks who want to evaluate the financial fitness of their business and commercial customers. And who already want to take a look at what the financial future of their customers looks like in order to advise them proactively and appropriately.

We determine complete financial profiles on the status quo including financial series (liquidity statements, BWA, etc.) as well as comprehensive early warning signals and recommendations for financial optimization.

This makes our solution an indispensable companion for the house bank, and all this in real time and without technical “financial speak”.

Geschäftskunden-Finanzradar​ mit Finanzmining
Früherkennung von Potenzialkunden​

Early identification of potential customers

We identify customers with potential at an early stage so that you always have the “first serve”. Be it in the medium-term transition of customers from retail to affluent business or in the identification of customers who are candidates for private banking in the next few years.

In doing so, we provide both the alert and recommendation signals as well as the financial forecast for the customers over the next years.

Automated credit decision

We record revenues and expenses and identify positive and negative features as well as anomalies in comparison to sol customers and to selected peer groups. Furthermore, we provide an affordability calculation as well as a detailed financial forecast of the customer.

Thus, you have all indicators for automated credit checks and the optimization of your score cards at hand. Credit decisions can be made reliably within seconds.

Automatisierte Kreditentscheidung mit Finanzmining
Finanz-, Vermögens- und Vorsorgeplanung

Automated wealth planning

Finanzmining calculates within seconds where the customer currently stands and, above all, where he will stand in the future. The whole thing also works for decades-long forecasts and contains the details of investment behavior and asset classes.

This enables us to provide you with precisely tailored financial and asset planning with detailed forecasts and scenario calculations.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Our real-time analytics detects threshold breaches in incoming and outgoing payments, as well as suspicious sources and recipients. Likewise, we detect payments for which there is no meaningful economic reason.

We thus support you in efficiently implementing the revised EU Directive 2015/849 as well as your own stricter regulations, if applicable.

Geldwäscheprävention (AML) mit Finanzmining