Financial fitness, financial planning and financial optimization

For companies we offer a detailed financial view, enable financial planning and financial optimization

For small businesses

We understand the unique financial needs of small businesses. Instead of complicated financial statements in technical “financial jargon”, which on top of that are only available with a time delay, we put the analysis of your company’s financial fitness and your financial planning on a basis that is understandable at any time and yet detailed.

Based on your account data, we analyze and evaluate all sources of income and expenses as well as all financial obligations. From this, we derive an assessment of your financial fitness and give you valuable advice on how to cut costs and increase sales.

And if it is ever necessary to dive into technical financial details, we provide liquidity calculations as well as BWA and income-surplus statements at the push of a button, and that with exact accounting for the future as well.

360 Grad Kundenanalyse​ mit Finanzmining

360-degree financial analysis

By 360-degree financial analysis, we mean a detailed list of your sources of income and expenditure, financial obligations and an in-depth assessment. From this we derive the assessment of your financial fitness.

This enables you to see immediately, for example, how creditworthy you are, what financial leeway your company has and what opportunities there are for improvement.

Accurate financial forecast

In contrast to other tools and systems, manual entries or time-consuming document management are not necessary.

This enables simple liquidity planning and liquidity control as well as the ability to derive corresponding financial tables at any time, for example cash flow statements, BWAs or revenue surplus statements.

Buchungsgenaue Finanzprognose mit Finanzmining
Frühindikatoren und Alarmsignale mit Finanzmining

Leading indicators and alarm signals

Early identification of opportunities and risks is crucial for every entrepreneur in order to be able to act in a timely and fitting manner.

We offer comprehensive indicators, alerts and recommendations for this purpose, so that you as an entrepreneur can always take the right measures for financial optimization.